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Coating Concept for Board

Omya Aqurate is a modular system of Calcium Carbonate coating pigments that combines excellent print and coverage performance and is designed to replace white fiber in containerboard and folding carton by white coating.

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Omya Aqurate gives papermakers and converters flexibility to adjust print performance and material cost exactly to their customers’ needs.

Modern packaging design is looking for ways to reduce material use and cost while also using the printed package as a medium to convey product and brand messaging. Booming trends like online shopping, customer demand shifts, dependence on white fiber sourcing and price volatility are only a few of the challenges the board industry is currently facing. New printing technologies for primary and secondary packaging have emerged to allow for higher print quality and offer more possibilities to communicate brand identity.

Omya Aqurate helps containerboard and folding carton grades meet these evolving needs, in terms of quality, profitability and sustainability.

Gain Flexibility to Meet Quality and Profitability Goals

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The four Omya Aqurate pigments allow for a wide variety of precoat and topcoat combinations as well as for single layer applications. Our technical experts at Omya can assist in formulating tailor-made coating concepts and coating layer designs that meet your performance specifications.
Your customers’ needs for print performance, cost optimization, or light-weighting can decide your focus.
For more information and guidance on model coating formulation szenarios:

The Modularity of Omya Aqurate Provides Outstanding Coverage & Optimized Printability

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Benefits of Omya Aqurate

  • The modular concept of Omya Aqurate allows for tailor-made coating formulations and layer design to meet your specific performance needs
  • Coatings with Omya Aqurate are suitable for all types of flexo post-print and pre-print, offset or water-based Inkjet
  • Omya Aqurate reduces or even replaces white fibers in liner and board, reducing dependence on fiber price volatility
  • Omya Aqurate enables light-weighting at an equal print performance
  • Substrates coated with Omya Aqurate perform as well in converting as conventional solutions

Four Omya Aqurate Pigment Types to Design Customized Coatings

An unique pigment with instant ink absorption and excellent coverage. The high water absorption capacity of the pigment enables excellent printing results without intermediate ink drying. Due to the outstanding coverage properties, Omya Aqurate HA coated on brown board can replace white fibers completely. It is a well-received alternative to the standard performance of White Top Liner (WTL) and can contribute to the light-weighting of packaging.
Omya Aqurate HA
  • Inline flexo post-print (FFG)
Ideally suited for:
High Absorption
This specifically designed topcoat pigment delivers photorealistic print designs that meet the highest demands on line sharpness, color density, and high resolution. It meets performance expectations even on latest generation high-speed Flexo printing machine. Omya Aqurate HD combines fast ink absorption, high brightness and good coverage making it the preferred choice for premium print results.
Omya Aqurate HD
Ideally suited for:
  • Flexo HQPP
  • Flexo pre-print
  • Offset
High Definition
This coating pigment offers best in class brightness and coverage for Containerboard and Folding Carton grades. Omya Aqurate HO delivers excellent printability and opens up new opportunities for packaging. It enables manufacturers to either reduce the white fiber top layer or, when applied in double-layer even completely substitute white fiber with coating.
Omya Aqurate HO
Ideally suited for:
  • Offline flexo post-print
  • Offset
High Opacity
A specifically designed topcoat pigment to deliver excellent results in water-based inkjet printing without a primer pre-treatment. It features instant ink absorption, high line sharpness, and color density. Paper manufacturers can easily drop-in this new type of coating pigment in topcoat formulations for inkjet.
Omya Aqurate MP
Ideally suited for:
  • Water-based Inkjet
  • Inline flexo post-print (FFG)
  • Offline flexo post-print
  • Offset

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